Gender / genre genre / genre(s)

автор: Edited by Kornelia Slavova and Isabelle Boof-Vermesse
заглавие: Gender / genre genre / genre(s)
година: 2010
ISBN: 978-954-07-3026-4
Издател: St. Kliment Ohridksi University
цена: 25 лв.

Транспортните разходи са за сметка на клиента The Summer University encouraged participants from France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Greece and the United States to engage in a dialogue about the latest tendencies in gender/ genre theory and practices as well as to discuss their work in progress. The interdisciplinary topic has allowed a rich gamut of approaches, coming from disciplines as diverse as anthropology, women's studies, films studies and visual arts, literature, linguistics, cultural studies, popular culture, and media studies - to mention but a few of the terrains where gender and genre intersect. The lively debates as well as the reverberating echoes from participants have confirmed that the Summer University was an inspiring effort at truly cross-cultural interdisciplinarity in action.
The essays collected in this volume, though being revised versions of the papers given at the University of Lille-3, continue the exchange of ideas as now they stand together in one textual body, inscribing the voices of 32 scholars and doctoral students from different cultural and intellectual backgrounds. The intersection of gender and genre has marked literary and cultural production in invigorating ways - as seen in the ensuing discussions of science fiction, electronic literature, sensation novels, detective fiction, documentary drama, Hollywood romantic comedies, gangster movies, opera as well as legal and media discourses. Organizing such diversity into neat boxes is impossible as many of the issues overlap; therefore the editors have chosen to follow the now conventional patterns of literature, linguistics, film studies and cultural studies.